100 Must Read Design Blogs

While looking through all the sites on 100 Must Read Design Blogs, the first homepage that really caught my attention was A Way Back. It’s simple, clean and tasteful; i didn’t get a epileptic seizure from all the groovie colours, flashy patterns and distracting design; it looks professional. Although, the articles wasn’t good at all, so i had to go back.

The next site i found was A list apart, which ironically have almost the same name, but also, good articles. I found this article, about sketching, the visual thinking power tool. Even though you don’t know how to draw, it’s good to come up with ideas and thoughts on a piece of paper. The article is great, and i suggest everybody who’s really interested in web design to read it.

Basically what the article is about is how to come up with ideas for a homepage/graphic design without sitting in front of your computer. The author shows you what you can do, why it’s important, and what you need to get started. Myself, I’ve never thought about this before. Maybe it’s because I’m just starting out with web design, but i suggest you all to try it out. If you’re bored in school, be creative and sketch up an idea for a homepage. It doesn’t have to be good, as long as you understand what it is supposed to look like.


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