1. According to Thursday Theory, the 3 main rules for a perfect website navigation is:

  • Include active/hover state
  • Don’t include too many links
  • Keep your menu prominent and clear

2. When should you use breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are useful for big web sites with many directions and links.

They are not as effective for smaller web sites where it’s not necessary, and where it’s easy to navigate.


3. Clearly distinguish primary and secondary sections.

Find out the  primary and secondary parts of your web site and make it clear which is which. This will make it much easier for the visitors to navigate. Change the color or texture, you want the visitor to notice it.

4. things to consider in the Information Gathering.

  • The Purpose. What kind of web site do you want to create, what’s the purpose?
  • Goals. What do you want to accomplish with your web site? Whats your goal?
  • Target Audience. What kind of visitors are you targeting? Old? Young? Students? Businessmen?
  • Content. Why are visitors visiting your site? What are you offering

5. 34 Places to Get Design Inspiration.

One of my all time favorite sites is Deviantart. I’ve been visiting that site for years, even before it got so big. There are TONS of inspiration. You can find everything there, and they also have a great browse/search function. You can browse this site for weeks, it never ends. Great web site!

6. The advantages of Web Standards.

The advantages of CSS is that everybody can use it, no matter what computer, or client you are using. Everything became a lot more easy to use and handle after CSS was introduced.

7. Accessibility for user.

  • 3.2 Does the site use relative units rather than absolute units for text size?
  • 3.3 Do any aspects of the layout break if font size is increased?
  • 3.5 Does the site use accessible forms?
  • 3.7 Is there sufficient colour brightness/contrasts?
  • 3.10 Are all links descriptive?

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