Communication Brief

Project Summary:  Wood & Wood is web site that is a little bit outdated. It has a good layout, but need some work on every level. The graphics are old, and the site needs new fonts. Basically, this site is easy to understand, bit it just doesn’t feel good to be on it. The easy navigation is there, but it doesn’t feel easy. The single purpose is to re-do the layout and graphics in order to make the homepage more attractive to new customers. My secondary goal for Wood & Wood is to make people feel more at ease with the homepage and the information on it. My long-term goal is to get more visitors to Wood & Wood, which will give them more costumers.

Audience Profile: The audience for Wood & Wood can be everyone that is in need of a lawyer, or need legal advises; it can be either a company or a private person. There is no specific gender for this type of web site; it can be a male, single or married. Most likely, the audience is younger that older than 18, and younger than 60 years old.

A straight, white male, who has lived in America his whole life. He is 23 years old, lives with his parents and is studying at a local community college. He goes to school every day, play football in a team, has a girlfriend and is enjoying his life. Basically, he is just an ordinary boy who has some kind of legal question that he wants to ask wood & wood.

The typical task a visitor will do is to find information about the company and their services. This home page is made just for this law firm, and you are not able to do much else except finding out that information.

Perception/Tone/Guidelines: My wish is that the people who visit this site will find it easy o find all the information they are looking for. I think they will find all the information needed to make an appointment with wood & wood. Also, I want the visitor to see that the homepage is being updated, and taken care of. As for now, it looks like the site hasn’t been updated in years.

I will archive these goals by changing the graphics and layout. Right now, everything is a little bit diffusing; I will try to make the whole site clear and easy.

Communication Strategy: My message is pretty simple; I want to do an update of the whole page, layout, and graphics. The visitor should find everything easy and think that It’s a fresh, updated homepage. I will convey it through a new and fresh layout, with easy to find information. The success of this project would be measured by the number of visitors, calls, and messages wood & wood will get after the update.


Competitive Positioning: It will look easy, clean, and understandable. All the information on the site is good, it’s just that I want to re-do the page to make it more compelling for the public.

Targeted Message: Clear, clean and easy to navigate.

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