Communication Brief

Project Overview

This project is a college radio website, located in America. The name of the company is CJLO, and needs a complete layout, design and structure; basically, a whole new web site.

The single purpose is to give the website a new, fresh look. It will be easier to locate the information provided, as well as a new color theme and navigation.

The secondary goal is to attract more listeners. This will be done by a more compelling layout, and also by introducing My CJLO, which is a community on the website where students can share information, playlists, and personal information; a place to connect with new friends, and share your opinions.

The longterm goal is to make the site grow bigger, and expand the My CJLO project so that people will use the site not only to listen to radio and get new/reviews, but also to connect with other people.

Audience Profile

This website is made for young adults, mostly college students. The typical visitor for CJLO would be a college student, either male or female. Young adults with future goals, between the ages of 18-25. Since students seem to spend a lot of time on their computers, the online activity is rather high. Activities may vary. On the new CJLO, visitors can now create an account, and share information. Although this was possible before the update, new features will be added, and it will be more like a community. Other that that, the visitor can browse news, read review and of course, listen to the radio.


The audience will enjoy the website as before, but the goal is to engage them with the community, and to connect with other people/students.

Communication Strategy

The over all message for this re-design is to welcome people, and try to get more personal. CJLO should be a place not only to read news/reviews, but also to find new friends and new music. By introducing My CJLO, and advertise on the school campus, visitors will be able to find, and connect with other people. The success of the project will be measured by the number of people visiting the website, and listening to the radio, as well as the number of members in the My CJLO, section. When people are using the website not only for the purpose of the radio, but to find new music and friends we have reached our goal.

Competitive Positioning

What makes CJLO different from all the other companies because of the new feature; to share information, and find friends.

Targeted Message

Music Community


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